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  • SunMaster

SunMaster is a 7.5 oz. Solution Dyed Polyester that is the perfect material for a variety of outdoor applications, most notably marine and outdoor living space applications . All SunMaster fabrics are specially formulated to withstand the harshest elements mother nature can throw at it. With its excellent color fastness along with its mold and mildew resistance, this is an excellent choice for any job that requires a rugged but rich looking fabric.

While elegant, SunMaster is abrasion resistant, easy to clean and environmentally friendly making it the ideal choice for outdoor pillows, seating cushions, boat covers and more.
Let SunMaster be your next choice of fabric for special projects. With our ability to weave SunMaster in a wide range of patterns to include Ripstop, jacquard and tapestry patterns you can let your imagination run wild. In addition to the flexibility of patterns, this fabric may also be produced to meet state and local fire retardant specifications, odor control finishes and more.
Call us for additional details on our solution dyed polyester, or any of our marine and outdoor living space fabrics. 

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Width 59"/60"
Denier 600 Denier
Coating Polyurethane Coated
Finish Water Repellent
Roll Size / Minimum Order 60 Yards