Black and White

Black and White

Top Value Fabrics offers a wide variety of fabrics that are ideal for dye sub applications. We regularly run custom dye sublimation prints, and the minimum order requirements for our prints vary by pattern. The images below are representative as the full design may not be displayed. Colors vary by monitor, images may not be to scale, and patterns are subject to change and prior sale. 100% Polyester Fabrics and Polyester/Lycra Fabrics will yield the best results. Let our fabric experts consult with you to select your ideal pattern and fabric selection today. Call us toll free at 855.618.4500 to get started.

Item Number



2292 CW Black

B/W Paisley

7222 CW 61001

Checkered Spirals

7227 CW 1001

Checkered Blocks

7230 CW 2101

Bracketed Dots

7246 CW 002

News Headlines

7286 CW 001

B/W Paint Clouds

7446 CW 1008

B/W Tie Dye

7587 CW 01

Thick Squiggles B/W

8101 CW 2077

Circle Overlap B/W

8109 CW 4017

B/W and Red Flowers

8121 CW 6030

Scribble Spiral B/W Small

8138 CW 2046

B/W Blossoms

8521 CW 61029

Checkered Swoops

8541 CW 1318

B/W Doodles

8542 CW 01

Med Squiggles B/W

8594 CW 1001

Painted Swirls B/W

8599 CW 2022

Jigsaw Maze

8633 CW 3168

Leaves B/W

8679 CW 64008

Striped Swoops - B/W, Blues

8714 CW Black

Wavy White Lines

8744 CW 02

Grey Flower Bunch

9691 CW 01

B/W Floral Pattern

9702 CW 01

Flower Circles B/W

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